This Term of Use (“Term”) for access to the website of ROBERT BOSCH LIMITADA – DIVISION OF POWER TOOLS, headquartered at Via Anhanguera, km 98, in the city of Campinas, State of São Paulo, registered with CNPJ/MF under No. 45.990.181/0001-89 (“BOSCH”), aims to regulate the access and use of the functionalities available on said Website, accessed through the address www.boschimages.com (“Website”), which will be made available by BOSCH to any User/Customer who needs digital images of Bosch Power Tools products for use on its e-commerce websites.

  • The Website corresponds to a tool made available free of charge by BOSCH to its User/Customer, in which features, such as image search by Product name and download of images of the Products in different resolutions and formats, will be available.

  • BOSCH seeks, through the availability of the Website, to optimize and facilitate for its Customer, access to the images of its Products, for use exclusively on the e-commerce websites of resellers of Bosch Power Tools products.

  • You may access this Term at any time on the Website and through the link:      . This document must be applied and interpreted in conjunction with the Privacy Policy, also available on the Website and at the link      .

Important: If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of use of the Website, you must refrain from using it. It is your full responsibility to verify and accept the essential conditions described in this Term before registering and using the available features.


1.1. Among the functionalities of the Website are searching for images by name of the Product and downloading images of the Products in different resolutions and formats.

1.2. The USER's interaction with the Website will be restricted to searching images by name of the Bosch Power Tools product and downloading images of the selected products in the chosen resolution and format.

1.3. The images made available on the Website shall not be used for any purpose other than the use of the images on the Websites of Bosch Power Tools Customers, which are intended for the electronic commerce of resale of said products and/or Websites for dissemination and advertising of the store of Bosch Customers. 

1.3.1. The images, screen prints or other formats, from the download of the images available on the Website, should not be used by the USER for purposes other than those established in this Term, under penalty of applying the sanctions provided for in this instrument, such as suspension of access to the functionalities of the Website, and in the legislation in force.

1.4. The USER acknowledges that, in any event, he will be solely responsible for his use of the Website, as well as for any content inserted therein, thus exempting BOSCH from any responsibility for any misuse of the Website.

1.5. The USER shall not have the right to use or test mechanisms, software, or other elements that may interfere with the operation of the Website. The USER is prohibited from performing any acts that may cause excessive damage to the infrastructure, under penalty of applying the sanctions provided for in this instrument, such as suspension of access to the functionalities of the Website, and in the legislation in force.

1.6. The images made available on the Website must be used by the USER only in the dissemination and/or promotion of original BOSCH products, being prohibited the use in connection with non-original and/or irregular products, under penalty of immediate suspension of access and liability according to current legislation. 


2.1. The USER acknowledges that all content made available on the Website, such as texts, images, photographs, icons, technologies, links, documents and other audiovisual or sound content, including the Website software, graphic designs and source codes, are the exclusive property of BOSCH or a third party that authorized their use on the Website, and are protected by international laws and treaties, and their copying, reproduction or any other type of use is prohibited, and the offenders are subject to the corresponding civil and criminal sanctions, under the terms of Laws 9.279/96, 9.609/98 and 9.610/98.

2.2. All trademarks, trade names or logos of any kind made available on the Website are the property of BOSCH or a third party that recognized and allowed their use, without the use of the Website being understood as authorization for the USER to cite such trademarks, trade names or logos outside the limits and purposes defined herein, namely, in the disclosure and promotion of BOSCH's original products.

2.3. The USER undertakes not to use BOSCH's images, logos and other distinctive signs made available for download on the Website in a manner other than that provided for in this instrument and/or in a way that may damage BOSCH's image and reputation,at BOSCH'sdiscretion.


3.1. BOSCH is not responsible for:

  1. a) for any unavailability, errors or failures of the Website, as well as for any fraud of the utility that may be attributed to it by the USER, for the fallibility of the system, nor for any difficulty of access; 

  1. b) for errors or inconsistencies in the transmission of data or for the quality or availability of the Internet signal; 

  1. c) the existence of viruses or any other harmful elements on the Website that may cause changes in the computer systems (software or hardware) or in the electronic documents stored in the computer system, in order to exempt itself from any liability for damages and losses that may result from these harmful elements; 

  1. d) for any failures and errors arising from services provided by third parties;

  1. e) for damages of any nature that may arise from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of any of the information provided to the Website, as a result of a failure exclusively attributable to the USER or to third parties that are beyond any reasonable control; and


4.1.BOSCH collects and stores the information actively entered by the USER on the Website, and may also collect some automatically generated information when using and accessing the Website, such as characteristics of the access device, browser, access IP with date and time, IP origin, information about clicks, and pages accessed inside and outside the Website, among others. 

4.2.BOSCH considers all information collected through the Website to be confidential, ensuring that it will be treated and stored in accordance with the provisions of this Term.

4.3. The USER declares to be aware that BOSCH may share the data entered on the Website with third parties, in the following situations: 

  1. a) to protect BOSCH's interests, in any conflict, including legal claims; 

  1. b) in the case of transactions and corporate changes involving the Provider, in which case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of the provision of services; or 

  1. c) by court order or by request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for their request.

4.4. The data collected through the Website will be stored on its own or contracted servers, and reasonable market efforts will be made to ensure the security of its systems in the storage of such information, including the guidelines on security standards established in art. 13 of Decree No. 8.771/2016.

4.5. The USER hereby expresses his/her free, express and informed consent regarding the mechanisms of custody, storage, sharing and treatment of the information collected by BOSCH when registering, accessing and using the Website.

  1. 5. DURATION 

5.1. The Website is available for an indefinite period. However, BOSCH may, at any time, discontinue the availability of the Website, without prior notice and without any indemnity being due to the USER and/or third party.


6.1. This legal relationship is exclusively governed by Brazilian laws.

6.2. Any clause or condition of this instrument that, for any reason, will be considered null or ineffective by any court or tribunal, will not affect the validity of the other provisions of these Terms, which will remain fully valid and binding, generating effects to its maximum extent.

6.3. This Term is entered into on an irrevocable and irreversible basis, obliging the parties to each other, their heirs and successors in any capacity.


7.1. The Forum of Campinas/SP, in Brazil, is hereby elected to resolve any doubts, questions or disputes arising from these Terms, the parties renouncing any other, however privileged it may be.

If you have any questions, please contact BOSCH so that we can assist you (atendimento@br.bosch.com).

Last updated: 01/11/2023

In the case of discrepancies between the English and the Portuguese versions of this Agreement, the Portuguese one shall prevail.

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